omg hieee...My name is Mephisto. I'm an artist, graphic designer, and VTuber. I've made this website to build on my meager HTML and CSS skills while enjoying bringing myself back to how the internet felt when I was a wee teenager and the only social media was basically MySpace.

After moving from being a freelance comic artist relying on social media to being a hobbyist artist, VTubing has made being on the internet fun again for me so I figured why not make a website too! Please enjoy your visit--I have a guestbook as well as a chatbox on your left if you've got something you'd like to say. If you wanna chat, come see me when I'm live on Twitch! I stream art, a variety of games, and the occasional ASMR stream. I love horror, rhythm games, bullet hell, casual life sim stuff, and mobile games. Typically I stream Friday nights at 8pm EST!



This is obviously a massive work in progress at the moment, but thanks for taking a look around. No idea how often I'll properly use this box but here it is.